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n, pl -menschen (-mɛnʃən)
(Philosophy) (esp in the writings of Nietzsche) the German word for superman
[literally: over-man]
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Noun1.Übermensch - a person with great powers and abilitiesUbermensch - a person with great powers and abilities
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
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The church is divided into Ubermenschen (clergy) and Untermenschen (laity).
The great majority of human beings, the weak and cowardly, will undoubtedly fall back on the comforting illusions of traditional philosophy and religion, but a few extraordinary individuals, the Ubermenschen (Overmen or Supermen), possess the requisite courage and will squarely to face the truth of existence.
Here again Osborn's work takes the form not only of a critique of "scientific" creationism per se, but of modernism more generally, equating the indifference toward the earth and the animal world that is all too common among Christians to Nietzsche's reprehensible ethic of the Ubermenschen.
Their Ubermenschen were social engineers, people of superior intellect and taste who could manage away the banalities and inefficiencies produced by competitive, profit-driven economics and disorganized, dysfunctional democratic politics.
I can proudly say I understand what makes these ubermenschen tick.
(42) He wants "supermen" (Ubermenschen), those who overcome the present stagnation of the world and create a new humanity with a new set of values.
Schon ehe Nietzsche in den 80er Jahren zum Propheten des heraufziehenden Nihilismus als der Entwertung aller bisherigen Werte wurde und der sinnentleerten Welt einen neuen Sinn mittels der Verkundigung der ewigen Wiederkehr und des Ubermenschen zu geben, und schliesslich den Versuch unternahm, samtliche Prozesse der unbelebten und belebten Natur aus dem Willen zur Macht abzuleiten, hatte er die Brucken zur uberkommenen Metaphysik abgebrochen und den fur Kants und Schopenhauers Erkenntnistheorie fundamentalen Unterschied zwischen Erscheinung und Ding an sich durch die Streichung des zweiten bestritten.
On the madman's model, a few ubermenschen in possession of truths that would be unbearable to others spread the word slowly--in this case of the death of God, which will take centuries--thus beginning a process that will someday trickle down to the unknowing mass of men.
Loeb and Leopold, who greatly admired (and conveniently misunderstood) the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and saw themselves as ubermenschen above the law, explained their murder of Bobby Franks as a carefully planned exercise, a "thrill killing" that gave them a sense of excitement and power.
The result is an amorphous paranoia that's curiously old-fashioned visually (thugs in big black cars) and in its methods of surveillance (implanted homing devices) as well as its overall concept (right-wing ubermenschen of no particular ilk).
When he's not propounding dystopian visions of genetically enhanced Ubermenschen lording over poor naturals, McKibben is worried that genetic technologies will be adopted rapidly because they will become cheap and widely available.
Ubermenschen are persons who actively and consciously explore the full range of their will.