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n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) One of a school of Lutheran divines which held that the body of Christ is present everywhere, and especially in the eucharist, in virtue of his omnipresence. Called also ubiquitist, and ubiquitary.
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All of these are juxtaposed with a memorial photograph of an unknown German soldier that repeats over and over within Darboven's ubiquitous red Der Spiegel-inspired borders, syncopated by her vivid green self-designed Ubiquist postcards and the still of Fassbinder and Schygulla, as well as Fassbinder's 1981 essay on his accomplice's career, "Hanna Schygulla--Not a Star, Just a Vulnerable Human Being Like the Rest of Us: Disorderly Thoughts about an Interesting Woman.
Myrmica ruginodis is a trans-Palearctic ubiquist species largely present in moist and cool sheltered environments.