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A thick Japanese noodle made with wheat flour, usually served in soup or broth.

[Japanese, wheat noodle.]
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(Cookery) (in Japanese cookery) large noodles made of wheat flour
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Scratch Yakitori Chicken Meal Kit PS3.99, Waitrose UDON noodles, Yakitori sauce, red onion, red chilli slices, raw diced chicken breast, kale, broccoli Cooking a Scratch meal could not be easier.
Mine was a fairly successful melange of pak choi and its relations, udon noodles (the fat white wormy ones), prawns and fried tofu.
Asian food dominated this ranking, with Korean speciality kimchi (a delicious spicy fermented cabbage and carrots) taking the top spot, closely followed by Japan's thick udon noodles.
1 bunch Asda Chosen by you Udon Noodles (about 82g) ?
We chose three dishes for broth dunking: Udon noodles, fish filet slices and soft tofu.
Tsurumaru's unique udon noodles have been developed by Fujio Food System in conjunction with a noodle making company with the primary goal of serving freshly made Udon of the highest quality.
The limited-edition menu begins with starters including Crispy Wonton Pouch before continuing to mains like Black Onyx Beef Tenderloin and Udon Noodles. Where: Emerald Palace Kempinksi, Palm Jumeirah When: Until Feb 12 Cost: Dhs350
Frozen Japanese Udon Noodles from Kano: Udon are a thicker type of noodle that are a meal in themselves.
Priced at Dh98 per person, the offer includes six different varieties of all-you-can-eat dim sums as well as udon noodles, fried rice, squid tempura and so much more.
Kindly note, this was on top of my salmon that already consisted of grilled salmon served with a delectable, finger licking savoury avocado tartar sauce, with sauteed shitake mushrooms and asparagus in garlic butter, served with sauteed udon noodles. Suffice it to say, I was full until the next day.
Where Goya is often eaten as tempura with Japanese udon noodles or prepared as Onigirazu, a Japanese rice sandwich that has become enormously popular in the last few years in Japan.