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 (o͞o′län′, yo͞o′lən)
One of a body of horse cavalry that formed part of the Polish, German, Austrian, and Russian armies.

[German, from Polish ulan, from Turkish oğlan, youth, from oğul, son, from Old Turkic.]
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(ˈuːlɑːn; ˈjuːlən) or


1. (Historical Terms) history a member of a body of lancers first employed in the Polish army and later in W European armies
2. (Military) history a member of a body of lancers first employed in the Polish army and later in W European armies
[C18: via German from Polish ulan, from Turkish ōlan young man]
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or u•lan

(ˈu lɑn, ˈyu lən)

1. (formerly, in the Polish army) a lancer in a light-cavalry unit.
2. one of such a group as later developed into heavy cavalry in W European armies, esp. in Germany.
[1745–55; < German < Polish ulan « Turkish oğlan boy, lad]
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They were our Uhlans who with disordered ranks were returning from the attack.
Few travellers tempt the Red Sea at midsummer; the Uhlan was very empty indeed.
Of all the mere feats of cracksmanship which I have seen Raffles perform, at once the most delicate and most difficult was that which he accomplished between one and two o'clock on the Tuesday morning, aboard the North German steamer Uhlan, lying at anchor in Genoa harbor.
I do not ask to set foot aboard a finer steamship than the Uhlan of the Norddeutscher Lloyd, to meet a kindlier gentleman than her commander, or better fellows than his officers.
Monday next will meet you Southampton aboard Uhlan with tickets am writing."
They not only had to contend with the Bulgarian Cavalry, but also German Dragoons and Uhlans, and later Turkish Cavalry.
He was told he would be thrown out of Australia because of a 10-year-old conviction and links to the Black Uhlans Motorcycle Club.
Thus, du Maurier's "Captain von Liebenheim of the 5th Uhlans of the Guard of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Germany" eventually appeared as "Prince Yoland, Captain in the Black Dragoons of Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of the North" (Hiley 220; du Maurier 44).
THE Uhlans left as soon as they had finished their meal but McGregor reckoned that he had lost a stone in weight during that short time they were in the house.
This year's $5 million budget costume drama "1812: Ballad of the Uhlans" flopped, earning just $1 million in its theatrical release.
Thus it was that noble Uhlans, gaudy Lancers and furhatted Hussars found themselves burdened with various mosquetons, moschetti, carbines, karabiner and carabina which--by 1915--they would find a lot more useful than their "pig stickers."
These carbines were issued to mounted units, including the Cavalry, Uhlans and Kurassiers, as well as the train, siege artillery and the pioneers.