uilleann pipe

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uil·leann pipe

also uil·lean pipe  (ĭl′ən, -yən)
n. often uilleann pipes
A Celtic bagpipe whose air supply is produced by a bellows held under the arm and operated by the elbow.

[Irish Gaelic, genitive of uillinn, elbow, from Old Irish uilenn; see el- in Indo-European roots.]
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Music Director Larry Beckwith (violin/fiddle) led a six-member ensemble that included sprightly musical accents from the penny whistles, uilleann pipes, accordion, bouzouki, double bass and a bizarre percussion instrument called an ugly stick (bouncing it on the floor makes built-in cymbals growl and clang).
Named after one of the leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1798, Theobald Wolfe Tone, the band's sound incorporate elements of Irish traditional music, using instruments such as banjo, harp, bodhrcn, tin whistle, low whistle and uilleann pipes.
This is a weighty collection of 179 transcriptions of tunes played on the uilleann pipes (and a few on whistle) by Seamus Ennis (1919-1982).
All this unfolds over a monotonous first hour, alleviated by the dance segs and some pleasing vocal work on a largely unmemorable score laced with Uilleann pipes, harp, flute and Irish fiddles.
The Chieftains are, of course, the Irish folk group that play on traditional instruments like the bodhran, uilleann pipes, and tiompan, and come as close to the roots of Irish music as any group alive.
There is almost no diegetic sound; the action seems to take place behind sound-proof glass, with an eclectic selection of music (hip-hop, rock 'n' roll, traditional Irish folk) functioning as a sometimes haunting commentary, as, for instance, when a teenager is shown jumping down from a fence in slow motion while "Dear Irish Boy" is played on uilleann pipes.
He's served as an Air Force bandsman for 20 years and can just as easily strike a tune on tenor saxophone, English horn and Irish Uilleann pipes. Playing the Highland pipes, however, is what really gets him excited.
Irish pubs and bars have landed in almost every English town, youngsters are being taught to play the Uilleann pipes and whistle and hard-shoe sales are going through the roof.
The storytelling performance, which will take place in the grounds of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the Embassy of Ireland in Cyprus, will combine Celtic stories from Ireland and Scotland accompanied by the sound of traditional Celtic jigs and reels played on uilleann pipes, Irish flutes and a guitar.
MUSIC Lankum Previously known as Lynched, Lankum are a four-piece traditional folk group from Dublin who combine distinctive four-part vocal harmonies with arrangements of uilleann pipes, concertina, Russian accordion, fiddle and guitar.
The annual concert features small and large handbell ensembles, music by organist Julia Brown and trumpeter Chris Peters, plus a performance by Eliot Grasso, left, an internationally renowned performer on the Irish uilleann pipes. His peers label Grasso not only as "one of the most creative and dynamic musicians in the contemporary world of Irish traditional music," but also one of the finest uilleann pipers anywhere.