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Noun1.Uintatherium - type genus of the UintatheriidaeUintatherium - type genus of the Uintatheriidae; extinct large herbivorous ungulates somewhat resembling elephants; from the Eocene in Wyoming
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Uintatheriidae, Uintatheriidae - an extinct family of Dinocerata
dinoceras, uintathere - a variety of dinocerate
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The skeletons of Uintatherium (the first giant mammal that evolved after large dinosaurs became extinct), an opossum, and a cast of a human skeleton illustrate a range of combinations of "normal" and "extreme" mammal qualities.
humidors Rubidium Brundisium EB Brundisium EB Ruthenium uintatherium uintatherium Rutherfordium