Ujung Pandang

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U·jung Pan·dang

or U·jung·pan·dang  (o͞o-jo͝ong′pän-däng′)
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Ujung Pandang

(ˈuːdʒʊŋ pænˈdæŋ)
(Placename) the former name (1971–1999) for Makassar
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U•jung Pan•dang

(uˌdʒʊŋ pɑnˈdɑŋ)
a seaport on SW Sulawesi, in central Indonesia. 944,685. Formerly, Macassar, Makassar.
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East Region : Surabaya, Denpasar, Ujungpandang, Mataram (Lombok), Kupang 2.
Sopachua (1974) 449 1972-73 Ujungpandang Hospital (South Sulawesi) 3.
In Sulawesi, Ujungpandang (now Makassar, again) has an inscription from 1797, but the oldest in the nearby historic area of Gowa only dates from 1911.
In Mr Habibie's home province of South Sulawesi, 30,000 people burned tyres and chanted pro-Habibie slogans in Ujungpandang after they heard that he had left the race.
At the East Timor military headquarters, another soldier broke down in tears when his commander told him there would be no flight for his family to the South Sulawesi capital Ujungpandang.
Christian students in Ujungpandang, Indonesia, said they have not been able to enter a university campus due to intimidation by Muslim students.
A potential competitor from Singapore was "kicked out" to Ujungpandang, and allocated the meager East Indonesian market by decree of the National Logistics Body (BULOG).
Starting from scratch, however, he found that he was forced to rely on human labor for most tasks, and the machinery he had purchased in Ujungpandang to clear the land did not prove to be very useful.
Table--1 Producers of animal feed in Indonesia, 2001 ('000 tons/year) Name of Location of Production company plant capacity PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tanggerang, Banten 2,365 Surabaya, East Java Cirebon, Jawa Barat PT Charoen Pokphand Medan, North Sumatra 2,251 Sidoarjo, East Java Tanggerang, Banten Jakarta PT Dharmala Agrifood Cilacap, Central Java 960 PT Cargill Indonesia Bogor, Central Java 800 Malang & Surabaya, East Java Semarang, Central Java Ujungpandang, Southeast Sulawesi PT Sierad Produce Tanggerang, Banten 720 PT Buana Superior Feedmill Bekasi, West Java 410 PT Gold Coin Indonesia Bekasi, West Java 250 PT Tjipendawa Farm Ent.
In eastern Indonesia it has one in Ujungpandang, in Sumatra there is one in Palembang.
Smuggled products have even been suspected to enter the country through other ports such as Semarang, Ujungpandang, Surabaya, etc.