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 (yo͞o′kās′, -kāz′, yo͞o-kās′, -kāz′)
1. An authoritative order or decree; an edict.
2. A proclamation of a czar having the force of law in imperial Russia.

[French, from Russian ukaz, decree, from Old Church Slavonic ukazŭ, a showing, proof : u-, at, to + kazati, to point out, show.]


1. (Historical Terms) (in imperial Russia) an edict of the tsar
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in imperial Russia) an edict of the tsar
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a rare word for edict
[C18: from Russian ukaz, from ukazat to command]


(yuˈkeɪs, -ˈkeɪz, ˈyu keɪs, -keɪz)

1. (in czarist Russia) an edict or order of the czar having the force of law.
2. any order or proclamation by an absolute or arbitrary authority.
[1720–30; < French < Russian ukáz, Old Russian ukazŭ, n. derivative of ukazati to show, indicate, assign]
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Noun1.ukase - an edict of the Russian tsarukase - an edict of the Russian tsar  
imperial decree - a decree issued by a sovereign ruler
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Saudi Arabia's newspaper, Ukaz, reported on Saturday that there was an offer from Saudi Arabia's Al Ahly's Jeddah to include the player for a season on loan.
The contemporary opposition between globalists and nationalists is already there (in a globalist argument, the Friend compares the Expo to the 'Ukaz fair in the ancient Arab world, where merchants mingled from every tribe; vol.
How in an independent Ukraine could the law be passed, which is in one logical series with the Valuev Circular and the Ems Ukaz? Naturally, the Constitutional Court abolished that law of 2012, Petro Poroshenko said.
This decree (ukaz) issued by Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich to Prince A.
(57) Boris Yeltsin, "Ukaz Presidenta No 1300" [Presidential Decree Number 1300], 17 December 1997, available at <>.
Se trata de al-Akra Ibn Habis, de Ukaz, lugar donde se realizaban grandes ferias comerciales y competencias poeticas, por lo que se aprovechaba tambien para dirimir disputas entre las diversas tribus.
In the first issue of "Luminatorul" ("The Illuminator"), in the Information--after announcing "the permission" to "bring to light" in the "Moldovan language" this magazine--it is stated in categorical terms the establishing of distance from the politics and it is explained the context of the publication in Moldovan language "Approved by the Order (Ukaz) of the Council of 20 December 1907, with no.
Whether partial or full, formal troop mobilization required an imperial ukaz countersigned by the ministers of war, navy, and internal affairs.
However, the tension she continued to feel between her education and her radicalism became acute in May 1873, when the tsarist state ordered Russian women students to leave Zurich, where, according to the ukaz, or tsarist proclamation, they had been "deluded by the communistic theories of free love." At least partly in response to this challenge to their independence, the members of the Fritschi circle pledged to devote themselves to the cause of revolution.
(86) 'Ob osobo tsennykh ob'ektakh natsionalnogo naslediia Rossii', Ukaz Prezidenta RF (18 Dec.
The great poet and critic al-Nabigha is said to have praised her recitation at a poetry competition in 'Ukaz, pronouncing her the preeminent Arabic woman poet.