Ulan Ude

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U•lan U•de

(uˈlɑn uˈdeɪ)
a city in and the capital of the Buryat Autonomous Republic, on the Selenga River. 353,000. Formerly, Verkhneudinsk.
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Iwan Cynfal, Steven Price and Connaire Cann plan to drive through at least 10 countries on their way to Ulan Ude in eastern Russia.
Senior doctor Gennadiy Ligai now faces a probe over the case in Ulan Ude, Siberia, and said: "I've never had a case like this in my life."
Ulan Ude, Jumada II 14, 1433, May 5, 2012, SPA -- Taiga fires spread to another thousand hectares in a day in Russia's TransBaikalia.
Gazprom Bank will probably exchange its stake in Ulan Ude for shares of Russian Helicopters after the holding IPO, or the holding may buy the shares if it decides to fully consolidate the plant.
There are copies of Peking Red print edition of the Tibetan Kagyur preserved outside China in Otani Univeristy, Kyoto, Japan; Harvard Yenching Institute, Boston, U.S.A.; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France; National Library of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, Mongolia and Institute of Buddhist, Tibetan and Mongolian Studies, Russian Academy of Social Science, Siberian Branch, Ulan Ude, Buryatia, Russian Federation.
Transaero has continued its domestic growth introducing a three-times-weekly rotation to Novyy Urengov from November 30, a twice-weekly service to Ulan Ude from December 3 and a five-times-weekly link to Magnitogorsk.
The contract was signed with the East Siberian Ulan Ude helicopter plant, which manufactures Mi-171 transport and Mi-171Sh combat/transport helicopters, in October 2007.
A paper plant, a municipal sewage facility, and a score of factories dump their effluents into the Selenga River at Ulan Ude to the southeast, joining pollution from industry at Ulan Baatar in Mongolia.
Ulan Ude, Jumada II 7, 1433, Apr 28, 2012, SPA -- Damage caused by wildfires to settlements in Russia's Transbaikal Territory is estimated at more than 100 million roubles, a top official from the territorial government said on Saturday.
During 23 September to 1 November, Ulan Ude shares climbed 43% versus a 10% increase in the MICEX.
The stocks now trade at 3.4x EV/EBITDA'11 and 2.8x P/E'11, making them more expensive than Ulan Ude but still offering a discount to the Holding IPO targets.