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A city of western Russia on the Volga River east-southeast of Moscow. Founded as Simbirsk in 1648, it was the birthplace of Lenin. It was renamed Ulyanovsk in 1924.


(Russian uljˈjanəfsk)
(Placename) a city in W central Russia on the River Volga: birthplace of Lenin (V. I. Ulyanov), after whom it was renamed in 1924. Pop: 639 000 (2005 est). Former name: Simbirsk


(ulˈyɑ nɔfsk, -nɒfsk, -nəfsk)

a city in the W Russian Federation, on the Volga: birthplace of Lenin. 625,000. Formerly, Simbirsk.
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Nascido em Sibirsk, atual Ulianovsk. Em 1891 formou-se em direito e, dois anos depois, mudou-se para Sao Petersburgo, onde adota ideias marxistas, dedicando-se a propaganda do comunismo nos bairros proletarios.
Aleksandr Miskinov, Leonid Prozorov, and Lev Rozenshtein (Ulianovsk: Izdanie Ul'ianovskogo kombinata PPP, 1926), 75-76.
Petersburg, and Lenin's hometown, the provincial city of Ulianovsk (formerly Simbirsk), she divides her book into chapters on the Soviet and post-Soviet gender orders, lesbian relationships in late Soviet Russia, the home, public space, and the creation of queer space.