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Noun1.Ull - (Norse mythology) one of the Aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis; son of Sif and stepson of Thor
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
Norse deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Norsemen
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It is fascinating that selective survival based on random epigenetic variation fits the data best, says Tobias Uller, evolutionary biologist at Lund University.
Discredited in many circles (Gillies et al 2017: 1200; Meloni 2016: 138; Meloni and Testa 2014; Petersen 2016; Pickersgill 2016; Wastell and White 2017), epigenetics is said to have been "served before its time" (Juengst et al 2014; see also Waggoner and Uller 2015).
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One form of post-copulatory choice is differential investment, whereby females strategically allocate reproductive resources, such as altering the number or size of embryos, depending on both the attractiveness of their current mate and the likelihood of encountering another, perhaps higher quality, mate (Harris and Uller 2009).
Por lo tanto, la carga de la creatividad en la trayectoria evolutiva (es decir, la generacion de las adaptaciones) no recae unicamente en la seleccion natural (Laland, Uller, Feldman, Sterlny, Muller, Moczeck, Jabloka y Odling-Smee, 2015).
Chrysocoris purpureus (Westw.) (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae), Pempelia morosalis (=Salebria morosalis) (Saalm Uller), Stomphasistis (Acrocercops) thraustica (Stomphastis plectica Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Bucculatricidae), Achaea janata Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), Oxycetonia versicolor Fab.
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However, while the desire for a physically attractive partner may be an instinctive preference, Jensen-Campbell, Graziano, and West (1995) observe that for women a suitor's physical attractiveness must be complemented by pro-social behaviour: in short, a good candidate for a long-term relationship must have favourable financial prospects (Gustavsson, Johnsson, & Uller, 2008) and solid social status (Buss & Schmitt, 1993); the candidate must also be a little older (Buss et al., 1990), ambitious and hardworking (Lund, Tamnes, Moestue, Buss, & Vollrath, 2007); and, finally he must also be strong and attractive (Gangestad & Thornhill, 1997).
(42) For a f uller account of such satires see John R.
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