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n.1.(Min.) A brittle mineral of a steel-gray color and metallic luster, containing antimony, arsenic, sulphur, and nickel.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A number of other minerals have been found there as well, including the rare minerals bottinoite and brianyoungite (for which the mine is the type locality), and a suite of primary minerals (bournonite, millerite, strontianite, and ullmannite) which are not common in other Mississippi Valley-type deposits.
Rob Lavinsky also had some interesting new ullmannite specimens--gray metallic crystals (some of them twinned) to 2 or 3 mm in thick layers on matrix.
Cerro Sapo Amesite-2H, analcime, ankerite, barite, chalcopyrite, dawsonite, galena, natrolite, nordstrandite, sodalite Cerro Ubina Bismuthinite, Pyrite, tourmaline Cerro Vilacota Barite, galena Chacaltaya Arsenopyrite, cassiterite, fluorite, muscovite, nacrite, ullmannite (As-rich "korynite"); see San Carlos 2 Chacarilla Copper, chalcocite, malachite Chajolpaya Cassiterite Challahuilque Chlorargyrite Challana In the vicinity are found columbite, heteosite, rutile, spodumene, triphylite, triplite, see Fabulosa Challapata Chalcostibite, teallite, wurtzite, See Terremoto, Vicunita Challviri Stibnite Chambillaya Apatite, arsenopyrite, quartz twins, wolframite Chayanta Apatite, cassiterite, silver; see Capacirca, Pucro, Vila Apacheta Chicote Chico Wolframite.
Pale blue to greenish aggregates of thin, tabular, curved crystals, exceptionally to 3 mm, occur on slightly oxidized cuboctahedral galena associated with cerussite, sulfur, quartz, ullmannite and dolomite.