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The last syllable of a word.

[Latin, feminine of ultimus, last; see ultimate.]


(Linguistics) the final syllable of a word
[from Latin: the last, feminine of ultimus last; see ultimate]


(ˈʌl tə mə)

n., pl -mas.
the last syllable of a word.
[1860–65; < Latin, feminine of ultimus, superlative corresponding to ulterior ulterior]
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Noun1.ultima - the last syllable in a word
syllable - a unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme; "the word `pocket' has two syllables"
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Though Jennings's taste in games is eclectic, he had a special place in his heart for the Ultima series, a batch of role-playing games that's been described as one of the most important video game series ever made.
The new ULTIMA series of steel hand pumps from Enerpac are designed for easier and safer operation, as well as extended life.
Pretty varieties include V Jackanapes, which has bicoloured flowers in deep maroon purple and bright yellow at the base, with purple streaks in the centre, and V x Wittrockiana in the Ultima Series, which is compact, vigorous and heavy-blooming with medium-sized flowers.
Rogers' Ultima Series lowboy trailers are produced in 35, 50, 55 and 60 ton capacity models.
Ube also manufactures the Ultima series of all-electric machines, ranging from 720 to 2000 tons.
The Ultima series is best known for late flowering and, if sown in early summer, this variety will bloom from September to December.
The ultima series of pansies has long been a favourite among gardeners and already boasts a good range of colours.
Jabsco, tel:0199 245 0145, tell us that their Hy[sim]Line and Ultima series of hygienic rotary lobe pumps are now independently tested and certified to the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group CIP protocol.
The Accord blotch and clear mixes, the Atlas mix, the Clear Sky series, the Rally mix, the Ultima series, and the Universal Plus blotch and clear mixes all performed well above average in the trials conducted by Allan Armitage, professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia.
Rogers Brothers has redesigned its Ultima Series trailers to haul additional payload, while still complying with the GVWR regulations.