Ultima ratio

the last reason or argument; the last resort.

See also: Ultima

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I believe that force, mitigated so far as may he by good manners, is the ultima ratio, and between two groups that want to make inconsistent kinds of world I see no remedy except force.
Va ser <<imposible ejercer sin profesar absolutamente, siendo suprimida toda distancia, verdades primeras como la libertad de eleccion del gender, la privatizacion del conjunto de conductas en el campo designado a la intimidad sin que nadie puede tan solo pretender juzgar de ello, en ultima instancia la proclamacion autopoyetica en cuanto ultima ratio. Demasiado tarde para la esperanza de una "antropologia cristiana": kairos pasado>>.
There was a saying embossed on the cannons of [French King] Louis XIV: Ultima ratio regis (The king's final argument).
'On Spanish cannon these words were inscribed in the bronze: ULTIMA RATIO REGIS: The last argument of sovereigns-kings in the past, republics in the present.
As a result, the article warns of the possibility of expanding the flexibility of the criminal-liability requirements of the environmental criminal court to other sectors, namely for Nuclear Criminal Law; (Both Nuclear and Secondary) has only the legitimacy to protect some of the environmental legal assets, within a certain time frame (in the interests of the current generations, the only determinable ones), the most serious offenses (According to the principles of ofensiveness, ultima ratio, fragmentarity and subsidiarity).
However, this Article also shows that such an expulsion has to remain an ultima ratio. As of now, Greece does not even come close to satisfying its conditions.