Ultimate analysis

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(Chem.) organic analysis. See under Organic.

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However his rather self-serving logic that he will be acquitted at the people's court in the ultimate analysis will not fly.
Talking to newsmen after visiting Afghan embassy in Islamabad on Thursday to condole over deaths caused by recent terrorist incidents in Kabul, he said a third party can facilitate the two countries to some extent but in the ultimate analysis Pakistan and Afghanistan will have to work together to address the challenge.
That, however, will be hardly of consequence for the Indian fans in the ultimate analysis.
Tenders are invited for W/c for proximate & Ultimate Analysis of coal sample from NABL Lab, KTPS, CSPGCL, Korba East.
Investment is in the ultimate analysis an act of faith," Sushma said, while delivering a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum
Thus, in the ultimate analysis, a particular mix of Muslim demography with its concomitant Muslim population proportion in certain specific regions led to the emergence of Pakistan.
Ultimate analysis, including total Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O) were calculated from the described formula [12].
The ultimate analysis of the semi-cokes of Chinese oil shale samples obtained at different temperatures was carried out, and the rates of nitrogen removal were calculated based on these analytical data.
It is the system peopled with those who opted to allow vested and financial interests to prevail over what is right and, in the ultimate analysis, practical and logical.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said that democracy is not merely election or speeches in the parliament; democracy, in the ultimate analysis was the welfare of the people.
While the civilians must, indeed, command the nuclear forces, they must understand that they are, in the ultimate analysis, weapons, resting at the very top of the escalatory ladder.
In the ultimate analysis, it would lead to factory closure but over what timescale, that's hard to say.