Ultimate analysis

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(Chem.) organic analysis. See under Organic.

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It is an independent Bar, which in the ultimate analysis, is the guarantor of an Independent Judiciary, therefore, I am equally confident that the Bar will continue to insulate itself from outside influences.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 20, 2019-: EHR-EMR (Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Record) Market Ultimate Analysis by Trend, Size, Share, Demand, Top Companies Overview, New Development and Forecast to 2027
The unending chant from Washington and Jerusalem that Iran should become a "normal state" is, in the ultimate analysis, a demand for it to soften its stance on Palestine.
'In the ultimate analysis as the chief architect of the foreign policy of this country, then it's the call of the President,' said presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo.
"In the ultimate analysis, the vote on the speaker would lie on members of Congress.
"In the ultimate analysis, the vote on the speaker would lie on the members of Congress," Panelo said in a news conference at the Palace.
The Ultimate analysis (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, and Oxygen) of the coal samples was conducted according to the ASTM methods D3178, D3179 and D3177 [15].
But in the ultimate analysis does not seem to make any distinction between the two brothers.
While there seemed to be no immediate end to this ongoing rift and the political point-scoring between Sindh and the Centre, in the ultimate analysis it is the common man and ordinary litigants who continue to suffer due to these shortcomings in the justice delivery system.
The IGP touched upon the severity of drug usage and its destructive effects in the ultimate analysis. He said that once addicted this death trap will be an unending cycle.
In the ultimate analysis, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai's favourite repartee that 'everything would be fixed if that place (the king) was to be fixed' relaunched the Congress to power and the hard core organization that B.
But in the ultimate analysis, perhaps nothing can beat our reliance on the explanation which says that groups such as the TLP are beyond the focus of our discussion since we believe they are controlled by hidden hands that we recognise all too clearly and see all too frequently.