n.1.State of being ultimate; that which is ultimate, or final; ultimatum.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To ensure that is stays in place I would recommend using Wella Sp Ultimation Hairspray.
5 To finish, wrap a section of hair over the band, fix it with a grip, then spritz with Wella SP Ultimation Hairspray, pounds 9.95.
The then manager, George Peat, issued an ultimation to go back to work or we will cross the Mersey to Liverpool.
To ensure it stays in place I would use Wella Sp Ultimation Hairspray.
Create big waves at the ends using a hot-air styler like Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Ionic Hot Air Straightener And Styling System, pounds 29.99, and fix with a hairspray like System Professional Ultimation, pounds 9.75, Shake hair through with your fingers and spray again.
To hold in place, spray Wella SP Ultimation Hairspray, which will also add some extra sheen and ensure that it remains in position throughout the night.
BUY IT Smoothing Know How Shampoo, pounds 4.49 and Salvation Styling Cream, pounds 5.99; Wella System Professional Flashlight Gloss Spray, pounds 13.30, and Ultimation Hold Spray, pounds 9.75
Remove rollers and tease hair with fingers, spraying System Professional Ultimation (pounds 9.75) as you go.
In Baltimore on June 16, he called an impromptu press conference and announced he would no longer take questions about his job status, saying there had been "no ultimations."