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Extremism, especially in politics or government; radicalism.

ul′tra·ist n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) extreme philosophy, belief, or action
ˈultraist n, adj
ˌultraˈistic adj


(ˈʌl trəˌɪz əm)

2. an extremist point of view or act.
ul′tra•ist, n., adj.
ul`tra•is′tic, adj.


1. an extremist point of view or act.
2. extremism. — ultraist, n., adj.ultraistic, adj.
See also: Attitudes
1. the principles of those who advocate extreme points of view or actions, as radicalism.
2. extremist activities. — ultraist, n., adj. — ultraistic, adj.
See also: Politics
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As Georgie gradually inserted himself into Madrid's literary scene, he and his sister came to know Guillermo de Torre, an activist poet, critic, editor, and collector of intellectual ephemera, in 1920, de Torte issued as a broadsheet his so-called Manifiesto ultraista vertical to which Norah contributed a print of a bicyclist, perhaps to suggest the futurist direction of the Ultraist movement.
Within Spain, the Ultraist movement was deeply indebted to the Apollinairian model, and, along with other Paris-based expatriates such as the Chilean Vicente Huidobro, helped export it to Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico.
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