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tr.v. neb·u·lized, neb·u·liz·ing, neb·u·liz·es
1. To convert (a liquid) to a fine spray; atomize.
2. To treat with a medicated spray.

neb′u·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
neb′u·liz′er n.


(ˈnɛbjʊˌlaɪzə) or


(Medicine) a device for converting a drug in liquid form into a mist or fine spray which is inhaled through a mask to provide medication for the respiratory system. Also called: inhalator
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Noun1.nebulizer - a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mistnebulizer - a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist
airbrush - an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air
dispenser - a container so designed that the contents can be used in prescribed amounts


[ˈnebjʊˌlaɪzəʳ] Nnebulizador m


n. nebulizador, atomizador de líquido.


n nebulizador m; handheld — nebulizador de mano
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Ultrasonic nebulizers transduce electrical energy into high-frequency ultrasonic waves, which in turn convert a liquid solution into aerosols.
Compared to jet nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizers produce more consistent and efficient aerosols.
ultrasonic nebulizers, when coupled with CETAC's [AT.
With four daily induced sputum samples collected over 4 days using an ultrasonic nebulizer, a sensitivity of 84% for bronchial carcinoma has recently been reported [5].
Altera is not an ultrasonic nebulizer and it is not a general purpose electronic aerosol generator nebulizer.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Ultrasonic Nebulizer For Department.
apparatus for physical therapy combined (ultrasound) - 2 units, apparatus for Myostimulation - 2 units, apparatus for UHF therapy - 1 unit, the unit for magnetic - 1 unit, the unit Magnetotherapy - 5 units, apparatus for darsonvalization - 2 units, gear Low-frequency electrotherapy - 2 units, apparatus for galvanization and electrophoresis - 3 units, laser scanning device channel - 1 unit, ultrasonic nebulizer - 2 units, cryotherapy device - 1 unit