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n. pl. Umatilla or U·ma·til·las
1. A member of a Native American people of northeast Oregon.
2. The dialect of Sahaptin spoken by the Umatilla.
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The river on the banks of which they were encamped, emptied into the Columbia, was called by the natives the Eu-o-tal-la, or Umatilla, and abounded with beaver.
Their lodges were well stored with dried salmon, and they had great quantities of fresh salmon trout of an excellent flavor, taken at the mouth of the Umatilla; of which the travellers obtained a most acceptable supply.
Next he engaged passage on the steamship Umatilla, sailing for Seattle and Puget Sound ports at daylight.
A Florida man believed to be responsible for multiple fires in the Umatilla area of Lake County, Fla., has been arrested, according to a statement by Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis.
(NYSE: ZAYO) for dark fiber services on its Reno to Umatilla route, which is currently under development, the company said.
A global webscale customer has selected Zayo Group for dark fiber services on its Reno to Umatilla route, which is currently under development.
Whether it's the familiar sight of the hardline items you expect or a local contractor running in for a crucial pickup, these things are to be expected when walking into stores like Umatilla Ace Hardware in Umatilla, Florida.
UMATILLA - Umatilla County has instructed a strip club to stop operations amid allegations that it lacks a permit to operate, but a strip club official disputes the claim.
GOOD PUBLIC HEALTH comes about through good planning, a lesson community members in Umatilla County, Oregon, have taken to heart with an initiative that combines both outlooks.
Umatilla Dace (Rhinichthys umatilla) were first described in the Columbia River near the town of Umatilla, Oregon (Gilbert and Everman 1894).