Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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De Sagun's co-respondents include alleged gunman Ariel Paiton, Maragondon municipal councilor Lawrence "Umbe" Arca, Luis Abad Jr.
Ariel Fletchetro Paiton Lawrence "Umbe" Arca Rhonel Bersamina The five named personalities and several others who wereunidentified by the policeare facing murder and frustrated murder raps over the slay of Lubigan.
Author Thomas Hinde, his wife, Susan, their three children and pet dog were sailing to Spain on the cruise liner Monte Umbe. They would then cross the Alps by donkey and walk thousands of miles to Turkey on the trail of their ancestors.
on his softe schuldres" (given him in scorn; by his own cross, on his soft shoulders) (111) with "Arundines/Crist had a stroke with a rede" (The Reeds/Christ had a blow with a reed) (112) on folio 74v; the "dulte neiles" (blunt nails) with "Clavi / pe nayles porow fet and handus to" (Nails /the nails through two feet and hands) on folio 76v; (113) the "holie rode" (holy rood/cross) with "Christusportas crucem in humero/pe cros be-hind his bakbon" (Christus at the gates with the cross on [his] shoulder/the cross behind his backbone) on folio 78r; (114) and the "umbe keoruunge" (circumcision) with "Cultellus circumsicionis.
Monte Umbe cruise liner, sailing from Liverpool to observe the 7-minute long solar eclipse of 1973 June 30 off the coast of Mauritania, West Africa.
The sheer swagger of Swaz hie gat umbe, the gradual build up in Ecce gratum, and the momentum of In taberna (which held together: many choirs come a serious cropper at this point) were highlights.
A LOTTO winner who has just scooped pounds 1.1million has celebrated by having h i s l u c k y n umbe r s tattooed on his arm.
45) Hier begin ih einna reda umbe diu tier (AHD Physiologus) 'Here start I my story of an animal'.
At first it looks bad for her, as he says: "Ich wil dich nu slon umbe den kop" (732; I want to hit you on the head), but when she reminds him of his broken promises to love her and then even conjures his imminent death within a year (686-87), he immediately regrets his violent behavior and begs for forgiveness: "Vorgib mir, das ich dich habe geslain / Gar hertlich an deinen crain!" (694-95; Forgive me that I hit you badly on your back).