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n.1.The navel; the center.
2.(Geom.) An umbilicus. See Umbilicus, 5 (b).
a.1.(Anat.) See Umbilical, 1.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A point p [member of] [M.sup.n] is called an umbilic point, if there exist real numbers [[delta].sup.1], [[delta].sup.2] such that
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From the wild blue yonder to the deep seas: The former Mexican Ambassador Tomas Calvillo Unna opted to remain in Manila as consultant to an SM foundation project coming up in the reclaimed area jutting Manila Bay - the "Museo del GaleAaAaAeA n", a remembrance of the umbilic cord between Acapulco and Manila.
Other aspects of Catastrophe Theory include Elementary Catastrophes, the potential functions of one active variable (Fold Catastrophe, Cusp Catastrophe, Swallowtail Catastrophe, and Butterfly Catastrophe), potential functions of two active variables (Hyperbolic Umbilic Catastrophe, Elliptic Umbilic Catastrophe, and Parabolic Umbilic Catastrope) and Arnold's notation, which are beyond the scope of this paper.
We especially determine isometry groups of [H.sup.3] with respect to causal character of hyperplanes of [R.sup.4.sub.1]; then, these isometry groups are classified in terms of leaving those totally umbilic surfaces of [H.sup.3] fixed.
A point p = X(u) is an umbilic point if all the principal curvatures coincide at p.
"For the team that constructed the Umbilic Torus SC, the implications of a project benefactor who values the combination of the words 'renaissance' and 'technologies' is no mere coincidence," said John Danko, president, Danko Arlington.
(iii) The point P is umbilic on S iff it is umbilic on [??].