Umbilical point

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(Geom.) an umbilicus. See Umbilicus, 5.

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In just the same way that there is only one Pol on a cubic curve, there is also only one unique umbilical point on a cubic surface.
With reference to Figures 3(d) and 4(d), when viewed from above, Surfaces A and B both share a common umbilical point located in the Argand plane at G = -1, H = 0.
Figure 5 also shows the coincidence of the umbilical point on Surface A with the Pol on the original curve; these points represent the same notion of zero curvature in three- and two-dimensions respectively.
Surface A is free to translate vertically along a normal to the GH (or Argand) plane through its umbilical point on account of the constant term d in Equation (6).
Failure of the retraction of urachus and umbilical components and failure of the closure of abdominal aperture at umbilical point results in congenital prolapse.
Umbilical region was otherwise normal except the prolapsed organ at the umbilical point and at the level of abdominal aperture.
p]M if and only if either p is a totally geodesic point or n = 2 and p is an umbilical point.
1, each umbilical point is a totally geodesic point; thus (d) is correct.
with equality if and only if p is a totally umbilical point.
7)) are true if and only if p is a totally umbilical point.