Umbilical region

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(Anat.) the middle region of the abdomen, bounded above by the epigastric region, below by the hypogastric region, and on the sides by the lumbar regions.

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It can be attached to the umbilical region by the vitelline ligament, with the possibility of vitelline cysts, or even a patent vitelline canal forming a vitelline fistula when the umbilical cord is cut.
Physical examination revealed reducible swelling at umbilical region (Fig.
8 cm with central hyperechoic band in the right para umbilical region extending up to umbilicus.
Ten calves with a history of swelling in the umbilical region were treated with Strepto-Penicillin and Meloxicam administered intramuscularly for 5 days and routine dressing of the wound was carried out (Ganga et al.