Umbrina roncador

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Noun1.Umbrina roncador - a fish of the Pacific coast of North AmericaUmbrina roncador - a fish of the Pacific coast of North America
croaker - any of several fishes that make a croaking noise
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A few other native estuarine species potentially present but not detected during this survey are diamond turbot (Pleuronichthyes guttulatus), shiner perch (Cymatogaster aggregata), yellowfin croaker (Umbrina roncador), arrow goby (Clevelandia ios), longjaw mudsucker (Gillichthys miribalis), and California halibut (Paralichthys californicus).
Group E comprises fishes from all 3 regions: Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) from Atlantic and GOM populations, as well as Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis), Spotfin Croaker (Roncador stearnsii), and Yellowfin Croaker (Umbrina roncador).
Abstract.--Yellowfin croaker (Umbrina roncador) and spotfin croaker (Roncador stearnsii) were collected from San Clemente, California from May through September 2006.