Umpqua River

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Ump·qua River

A river, about 180 km (110 mi) long, of southwest Oregon rising in two branches and flowing north and west to the Pacific Ocean.
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One day, in camp by the Umpqua River, Billy bent over to begin skinning the first deer he had ever shot.
And so Billy expounded the why of like in terms of realism, in the camp by the Umpqua River, while Possum expounded it, in similar terms of fang and appetite, on the rib of deer.
They also included the Umpqua River, even though only a small part of the Umpqua River drains the Klamath Mountains, although herpetologists in the same volume place the Umpqua River in the Coast Range (Bury and Pearl 1999).
of Central Point Amount: $7,75,634.57 Project: Interstate 5 South Umpqua River Veterans Bridge repair, Douglas County Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation Cost estimate: $5,000,000 $,000,000 Project team: not available 3.
But the storm also brought scattered thunder and lightning, sparking multiple small new fires in the Willamette National Forest and in the Umpqua River basin to the south.
The tracks are "Lost in the Kalahari Desert" (1:20), "Woody Guthrie: When the World's on Fire" (30:33), "The Lupus General Store" (7:59), "Planxty Irwin" (0:41), "The Code" (2:33), "Agent Orange" (4:41), "Home, Dearie, Home" (3:13), "Umpqua River Colosi" (2:59), "The Old Gray Mare" (6:30), "Will You Know Me?" (0:40), "Canning Salmon" (3:29) and "The Old Man of the Sea" (6:58).
One was along the lower Columbia River, which separates western Washington from Oregon; the other was 200 miles south, along the Umpqua River near Rcseburg, Oregon.
The EPA estimates it will cost more than $5 million for a partial cleanup of an abandoned copper mine in Douglas County that is leaching toxic metals into a creek that feeds the Umpqua River.
SHALALAHS a former settlement on the lower Umpqua River in western Oregon [Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Hodge, 1907]
During summer, sturgeon moved into estuaries not used for spawning, particularly Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor, the Umpqua River, and the Columbia River estuary, presumably to feed.
McCullough and funded by the PWA: the Rogue River Bridge (Gold Beach), Yaquina Bay Bridge (Newport), Alsea Bay Bridge (Waldport), Siuslaw River Bridge (Florence), Umpqua River Bridge (Reedsport), and Coos Bay Bridge (North Bend).