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(Placename) a city in South Africa, in Eastern Cape province; the capital of the former Transkei Bantu homeland. Pop: 94 778 (2001)


(ʊmˈtɑ tə)

the capital of Transkei, SE Africa. 24,805.
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Love is a dangerous thing': microdynamics of violence in sexual relationships of young people in Umtata.
2 A bleaker picture emerged in a study at a large hospital in Umtata which revealed that 79% of DNFs had 'Cardio-respiratory failure' as cause of death.
The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services will host the Cultural Diversity in Digital Society Conference in Umtata, WSU Health Resource Centre from the 21 to 22 September 2017.
In the first visit, which took place in August 2013 (led by Dichaba of this article, who was accompanied by two colleagues (6)) the research involved facilitating three focus group sessions (with past learners and a few VEs), as well as speaking at length to coordinators in Umtata and Port St Johns (and to the super-coordinator of the province).
In an article reviewing an 8-year experience of ICS at Umtata General Hospital and Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in the Eastern Cape Province, Anwary [5] describes the experience at the two hospitals and the changing epidemiology of ICS over the study period.
Lumu, "Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy at Umtata General Hospital: perinatal and maternal outcomes," East African Medical Journal, vol.
In 1995, a study at Umtata Hospital, Transkei, quoted an incidence of 11/1 000 reported pregnancies, with a mortality rate of 2%.
One such initiative was the Umtata Women's Theology Group (UWTG).
More precisely, it was between the uMtata River to the south and the Umtamvuna River to the north.
Mason retired in 1910 and soon afterwards went to stay with her brother, Canon George Edward Mason, who had moved to South Africa in 1908 to become the principal of St Bede's College for Native Clergymen at Umtata (Mthatha) (Figure 4).
We lived in a less grand style in Qunu, but it was in that village near Umtata that I spent the happiest years of my boyhood and whence I trace my earliest memories.
July 18, 1918 -- Born to Hendry Mphakanyiswa, a Thembu chief, and Nosekeni Qunu in the Umtata district of the Transkei, at a time when virtually all of Africa was under European colonial rule.