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The inner turmoil unveils our unability to transform our habits and to adopt the moral relativism perspective.
Moreover, this type of treatment does not represent an immediate solution, which in current days seems to be the most demanded type of treatments by our patients, based on the unability to delay gratification behavior widely spread in our society and current children [22].
For point-based DTMs it is the unability to adequately represent smooth tilted surfaces.
However, the population dynamism lead to unability in long time planningbased on a fixed program [18].
However, we note from the outset regarding competency gaps and not critical interpretation of the information received and the unability to discern quality of information.
Two patients had visually significant cataract lead- ing to unability to visualize the fundus thus B-scan ultrasonography was used in such patients.
He said President Putin had sent a message to President Asif Zardari about his unability to visit Islamabad due to busy schedule.
However these tools suffer from an unability to answer some fundamental questions that a city planner needs to know.
It increases the likelihood of company's unability to pay the principle and interest of debts (Fallahpour 2004).
non-Kuwaiti husbands in case of divorce, the husband's death, or his unability
Beginning uncoordinated actions (unability of floating by minor extremity actions), remaining under water for 10 seconds without swimming were determined as tiredness criteria (RAL, Osorio, J.S.