a.1.(Physiol.) Not absorbable; specifically (Physiol.), not capable of absorption; unable to pass by osmosis into the circulating blood; as, the unabsorbable portion of food.
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Unabsorbable suture material--a rare cause of recurrent stones in the common bile-duct.
Comparison of zones 1 to 4 flexor tendon repairs using absorbable and unabsorbable four-strand core sutures.
After collection of the fasting baseline specimen, a solution of lactulose--an unabsorbable synthetic sugar--is ingested as the substrate for bacterial fermentation.
27 - Threads synthetic monofilament polypropylene unabsorbable 33141100-1
PB-2 biofertilizer contains two kinds of phosphate--solublizing bacterium of Bacillus lentus and Pseudomonas poetida which make the unabsorbable phosphorous compound absorbable by two methods of organic acid and phosphates acid exudation.
It is in those unstoppable, unabsorbable tears that art honors the dead of 9/11, because it allows us to remember a day we all wish to forget.
The apparent lack of effect may relate to the absence of dietary factors that increase colonic fermentation and potentiate the cholesterol-lowering effect of soy Therefore, unabsorbable carbohydrates (prebiotics) were added to the diet with the aim of increasing colonic fermentation and potentially increasing the hypocholesterolemic effect of soy.
However, it is known that about 1/3rd of the total iron in cereals and pulses is due to contamination, and in vitro availability studies carried out on contaminant iron revealed that it was essentially unabsorbable (33).
In the liver, the hormone is glucuronidated predominantly by the cytochrome P4503A4 enzyme, and secreted in the bile to render ethinyloestradiol inactive and unabsorbable.
Katya's moment of greatness comes when she alone prevents an unabsorbable cut in civilian food rationing at the personal expense of citywide employment blacklisting.
It combines and binds itself with the fat molecules, and converts them into an unabsorbable form.