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Northern Canada also noted record numbers of Redpolls while Alaska recorded a Eurasian Siskin, a species normally found in the Eastern Hemisphere, for the very first time, on Unalaska Island.
In their original description, Duncker and Mohr (1939) included material from Unalaska Island, concluding erroneously that the species ranged throughout the Aleutian Islands.
Syjwphobranchus ajfinis is known from the Bering Sea between the Pribilof Islands and Unalaska Island (Mecklenburg and others 2002; Love and others 2005) and H.
Okay, so this isn't technically an island, or even an archipelago--it's a ferry service that runs 3,500 miles over seven days from Bellingham, Washington, to Unalaska Island, calling in many island ports without road access, such as the seafood-processing town of Kake on Kupreanof Island, gateway to the Petersburg Creek-Duncan Salt Chuck Wilderness.
For most people, traveling to the Grand Aleutian Hotel, located in Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island midway down the Aleutian Island chain, is a bit out of the way even with the appeal of great seafood.
One of these illustrated specimens was collected in the period 1790-91 on Unalaska Island, the Aleutian Islands, by C.H.
In December of 2004, the ship Selendang Ayu spilled 336,000 gallons of oil into the waters off Unalaska Island in the Aleutians.
Bald Eagle by Art Wolfe was taken by the nature photographer on Unalaska Island, Alaska.
In the course of reanalyzing the seismic hazards in Alaska and parts of Canada, Jacob and his co-workers recently identified a 1,000-kilometer segment -- stretching from Kodiak Island to Unalaska Island and including the 350-km-long Shumagin gap -- that has a high probability of rupture.
Our records extend the known range 262 km farther west to Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Islands.
Two days later, the stalled ship had drifted onto the north shore of Unalaska Island, despite efforts to anchor and tow it.