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 (o͞o-nä′mē, yo͞o-năm′ē)
n. pl. Unami or U·na·mis
An Algonquian language of the Delaware, originally spoken in central and southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware.
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"Uncas, the son of Chingachgook," answered the captive modestly, turning from the nation, and bending his head in reverence to the other's character and years; "a son of the great Unamis."*
And we particularly welcome the announcement of the MOU between the government of Iraq and UNAMI to establish the trust fund to support the government of Iraq's recovery and development, and also welcome Iraq's own decision to contribute to the fund.
The key challenge for for us here and for UNAMI is: how can we best support Iraq as it seeks to rebuild and strengthen the state following the defeat of Daesh?
The UNAMIS detachment was intercepted in the strife-ridden Darfur area of western Sudan by militants from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) which is fighting government forces from Khartoum.