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Noun1.copyright infringement - a violation of the rights secured by a copyright
plagiarisation, plagiarization, piracy, plagiarism - the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own
infringement, violation - an act that disregards an agreement or a right; "he claimed a violation of his rights under the Fifth Amendment"
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Tribune News Network Doha Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN) on Friday released a statement to condemn the recent unauthorised distribution of a draft US version of 'The Lobby' The statement reads: "We are dismayed at the recent, unauthorised publication of a draft version of the US documentary 'The Lobby' by a third party.
This is to prevent piracy and unauthorised distribution of the content.
Dishhas filed suitagainst two over-the-top video providers, Spider-TV and Tiger Star, it says are pirating Arabic channels for unauthorised distribution, as per media reports.
The defendant was also fined Dh50,000 for selling pirated TV content, which involved unlicenced and unauthorised distribution of IPTV services in the UAE.
He manipulated a system to prevent the unauthorised distribution of military items so that he could make a profit with no care about the consequences of these goods falling into the wrong hands."
Tracy Garner, the manager for anti-counterfeiting & unauthorised distribution, Schneider Electric, said: "Completely curbing the distribution of counterfeit products is a global concern and a key priority for us.