v. t.1.To free from ballast; to discharge ballast from.
a.1.Not ballasted.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The unballasted tractor weighed 894 pounds, split between 420 pounds on the rear wheel and 474 pounds on the front axle.
To differentiate models evaluated, tractor mass variables (unballasted) were considered (kg) and mass/power ratio (kg [kW.sup.-1])- Data were acquired through technical information provided by the manufacturers.
First, the "Planter Poet", John Hewitt, in Ars Poetica: Press on the thought until every word is proved By evidence of sense; let no phrase fly Unballasted, but high as trees are high That hold the sap still to the utmost leaf: Only of what you've cherished claim you loved.
Furthermore, the monitoring allows for comparisons between the ballasted and unballasted membranes to assess whether ballasted systems perform as well as white membranes and are, therefore, deserving of "cool roof" status within the codes.
(Indeed, as the text dwells both on its own repetitions and the limits of its memory, setting out each time "from nought anew" [27]--a phrase which mixes a sense of endless recurrence with that of unballasted improvisation--it becomes evident that time itself cannot be counted, or counted on, with any more certainty than steps.)
Railroads in the South in 1861 were of many gauges, of limited rolling stock, and running on lightweight bar-iron track on unballasted ties.
The run was made in good time, considering that about fifteen miles at the Edmonton end is unballasted, the train reaching the end of the track, about a mile from the south bank of the Saskatchewan, about 7 p.m.
The seg's solemn bad taste ("Schindler's List" + "Carrie" = Not a Good Idea) portends the pic's biggest overall problem: It presents farfetched incidents with a seriousness unballasted by sufficient buildup, context or emotional investment.
Code 2 is restricted and requires testing power at the PTO, hydraulic power and lift force, and drawbar power and fuel consumption of an unballasted tractor.
to be tossed and turmoiled with their unballasted wits in fathomless and unquiet deeps of controversy.