v. t.1.To remove a bank from; to open by, or as if by, the removal of a bank.
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Seller: SouthMetro Centers IV LP, an entity related to a group of private local investors related to Gary Dachis, principal and CEO of Minneapolis-based UnBank Co.
Wai Hong discloses May Bank is definitely embracing financial technology (fintech), will rationalize existing networks, including establishing additional branches to reach out the unbank segment.
At the "unbank," customers are greeted by name and received with empathy, whether or not they conform to the corporate creditor's demand for a new payment.
"Traditional financial institutions have advantages in stepping into the Internet finance sector, as they have better relationships with financial regulators," Feng Xianghe, an analyst at Beijing Unbank Investment Consultant, told the Global Times on Monday.
"The overall goal was to find a real voice for the credit union that would further elevate its unbank brand to a younger audience, with an emphasis on college students but also to continue positioning Connex as a better choice than traditional banks and create awareness in the local marketplace," Beere said.
Unbank the fire: Visions for the education of African-American children.
Hale, an early childhood education professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, and author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated books Learning While Black and Unbank the Fire: Visions for the Education of African-American Children.
The 40-year-old high school graduate began a series of advertisements proclaiming Union as the "Unbank." He kept Union open on Saturdays; raised its interest rates on deposits and made other changes clearly designed to unsettle the city's stodgier banks.
The records indicate Oral Two LLC is related to Gary Dachis, president of the Minneapolis-based UnBank Company, which cashes checks and provides other financial services.
Amy Stanton, assistant vice president of marketing at $350 million Connex Credit Union in North Haven, Conn., has been trying to attract young members to her credit union through a project called Unbank with Connex.
"As the Unbank, we never lose sight of the fact that our members play a tremendous ownership role in Connex.
Langewiesche again: "The rudder is merely a device by which the pilot counteracts the adverse yaw effects that inevitably arise every time he banks and unbanks the airplane.