Unbloody sacrifice

A sacrifice in which no victim is slain.
(R. C. Ch.) The Mass.

See also: Unbloody, Unbloody

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And it makes no difference whether we believe in the traditional eucharistic doctrine of "transubstantiation," or we believe in the "unbloody sacrifice of Calvary," or we believe that we simply "share a meal, a common meal, so that all might be satisfied." It is still mystery.
This is commonly expressed by an exaggerated emphasis on the meal aspect of the Mass at the expense of the Mass as the unbloody sacrifice of Christ on the cross.--Editor
One of the greatest passages in this book is Hansen's simple yet elegantly clear description of the theology of the Mass, which he names "an unbloody sacrifice of praise, thanksgiving, and commemoration," even though through it Christ becomes "our immolated victim and priest" (254).
It's a movement toward syncretism, pantheism, God-in-you, and it's metastasizing all around us." Placing the altar in a more central location--even if only by 5 feet--presents the Mass as a meal, an action of the assembly, he says, while in reality "it's the unbloody sacrifice of Calvary done by Jesus Christ through the person of the priest."
What is required is to offer up our rational worship as an unbloody sacrifice.' In 17.33 it is unnecessary to correct the text preserved in A [alpha][pi][omicron] [tau][eta][sigma][epsilon][lambda][alpha][iota][alpha][sigma], since we know that there was a statue of Athene made from olive-wood in the Acropolis at Athens which Athenagoras ascribes to Endoios (cf.
We are now told that "the community" effects the Mass -- not the priest in lieu of Christ -- and that the Mass is the action of the community -- not the unbloody sacrifice of Calvary.