a.1.Not ready or not proper to be buried.
References in classic literature ?
Yea, something invulnerable, unburiable is with me, something that would rend rocks asunder: it is called MY WILL.
'We are calling on the government to face reality of the genocide they committed in Zaria, Kano and Abuja and to stop committing more mistakes and crimes in it's consistent, failed and desperate efforts to bury the unburiable lies and propaganda that pressure or intimidation can never bury or stop us from remembering till eternity,' he said.
Just think: this carne toward me name-wakened, hand-wakened forever from the unburiable.
It captures what Derrida calls 'the non-contemporaneity with itself of the living present' (Derrida, 1994: xix), the fact that what is to come is not the radically new, but the unburied and unburiable matter of the past.
What renders the moment different is the reminder of the mass mortality of the war, the unburiable, unmournable dead.
He ended by speaking a Six-Day War poem of intense thanksgiving for "this piece of/habitable earth,/again suffered up into life": Just think: this came toward me, name-awake, hand-awake for ever, from the unburiable.