v. t.1.To disturb; to disquiet.
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"The world remains in uncalm situation," said Chinese President Xi Jinping at the SCO summit in Dushanbe.
/ My name can like a Charm, uncalm the Sea / Where e're I wander, there no peace can be" (2.4.1).
Note that each user is uncalm for at most 4W steps in t, ..., t + 5nW, so there is a sequence of W steps in t, ..., t + 5n W in which every user is calm.
Not 'O you who foster a quiet mind in the face of unquiet destiny, take away hope from my afflicted spirit' but 'Remove hope from your anxious minds, you whose pleasure is quietness of spirit in the midst of uncalm fortunes.'
In particular, Askar Akaev said the base is aviation component of the Rapid Deployment Collective Forces within the Collective Security Treaty and will work for the sake of stability in uncalm region.