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Photographic evidence, for example, is often taken as uncontroverted, and uncontrovertible, proof.
The focus of the project under consideration here is Generation X (rather than their parents) and the data drawn from the project is uncontrovertible: the participants have a strong belief that their relationships with their mothers (like all other relationships) are malleable, are about growth and, ultimately, about self-actualisation.
You would have thought there would by now be uncontrovertible evidence.
Mr Creaney claimed there was "uncontrovertible, irrefutable" scientific evidence establishing Young as one of two gunmen.
One of Robinson's first conclusions was that his investigations had uncovered uncontrovertible evidence that many of the Florida archives to which the United States Government was entitled were in Havana despite avowals to the contrary; that no effort to obtain them had been spared by commissioners from the United States; and that Spanish officials in Cuba had not obeyed instructions from the Spanish crown demanding delivery of the archives.
Sawyer, (65) in which this Court held that a presidential order seizing the assets of certain steel mills was beyond the power of the Executive when the Congress had declined to provide direct and uncontrovertible authorization.
To most people, the request to search will be considered an uncontrovertible demand to search.
The defendant wisely did not attack what the court described as the "uncontrovertible": that the United States and Greece were separate sovereigns.(221) The defendant argued, however, that because the United States provided assistance in the Greek prosecution, the two countries proceeded as one rather than two separate and independent sovereigns.(222) In addressing this argument, the court noted that because the exception is extremely narrow, it imposes a substantial burden on defendants.(223) In order for the defendant to satisfy his burden, the court required that he be able to show that the Greek officials "had little or no independent volition in the state proceedings."(224)
A condition for the formation of unassailable, uncontrovertible, unchallengeable assumptions is one's attitude about authority and authoritarian personalities in one's life.
Yet, Blum feels able to start her enquiry with an unequivocal statement against 'apologetic commentaries' on the 'uncontrovertible alliance between futurism and fascism' (p.
For James, the conclusion was as simple as it was uncontrovertible: this was clearly a case in which an appeal to psi was fine, but did not carry with it any justification for thinking Mrs.
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