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When the ceiling rule applies, it uncontrovertibly results in misallocations of income, gain, loss, and deduction.
The primacy of the state in directing economic growth might have its drawbacks, (267) but it is uncontrovertibly the approach that the Chinese leadership has unwaveringly pursued.
Taken collectively they represent an enormous change and are uncontrovertibly the greatest attack on individuals' rights to claim against wrongdoers Britain has ever seen.
In fact, it has not been uncontrovertibly established to whom they actually belong.
Indeed, of the 'normative' concepts discussed, many of them, such as a prioricity, necessity and evidence, are not uncontrovertibly normative at all.
The aim of art is to let believe real what is uncontrovertibly unreal.
The continuum begins with purely and uncontrovertibly civilian functions.
Yet I think it is uncontrovertibly fair simply to say that between the options of reading Bunyan as a biblicist who was unfamiliar with critical methods, or to subject Bunyan to behavioral and literary models which may or may not produce new and solid conclusions about his "political progress" the editor and the publisher have for better or worse foresworn a balanced approach and made their very clear preference for the latter.
Free civil life is bound to contain injustice and inequality of opportunity, because neither 'justice' nor 'equality' can be defined in an uncontrovertibly mandatory way; and since our civil existence must contain the 'pursuit of happiness' (the freedom to define human happiness for oneself is the foundation of 'conscience'--in other words it is the very earth upon which Jesus once went round forgiving sins, and upon which alone He can be resurrected as the spirit of the community) the modern state necessarily contains the seeds of its own destruction.
"He calls upon everyone to respect one another's beliefs except when those beliefs have been uncontrovertibly disproven" (p.
The chronicles of the first seven kings of Portugal, however, have only survived in Duarte Galvao's redrafting of the Cronica de Sete Reis, but those of the following three monarchs, which are uncontrovertibly attributed to Fernao Lopes, bear the titles of Cronica de D.
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