Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some of the information, especially on Dufrasne's time in Europe appeared to be uncorrect after verification.
Otherwise, the receiver will get uncorrect SC and decision regions, which will lead to the demodulation failure, i.e., the communication security is guaranteed.
Melting points which were uncorrect were determined in open glass capillaries using an Electrothermal 9100 digital melting point apparatus.
Finally, he called on local media not to publish any uncorrect data on the
= Null, If[ correctdata, If[ Ut Null, Ut = DetectVariables[eqs, t, "u*"]], If[ Yt Null, Yt = DetectVariables[eqs, t, "y*"]], data = IO[ eqs, Ut, Yt, t, Shift], timearg = If[ $$argumentt "yes", False, True], StringJoin[ "Your system is:<br><br>", ToString[ iWebForm[[delta]ata, $$outputformat, TimeArgument [right arrow] timearg]] ], (* End StringJoin *) (* Else *) "Uncorrect input[delta]ata." ] (* End If *) </msp:evaluate> Variables $$eqs, $$Ut, and $$Yt store the data entered by the user on the input data page into the text fields, $$outputformat and $$argumentt carry the information about user's formatting preferences.
information is uncorrect or if you feel your business warrants
For clarification a literal but uncorrect translation into Hindi: mere khra hi na raha uthkar.
It is billed as Jackie Mason: Politically Uncorrect -and while some of it is reactionary, like his somewhat early 20thcentury take on sexual politics, the rest shows the morality of the man.
GCN, with five full-time staff members in Washington, D.C., represents 30,000 restaurateurs and tavern owners seeking to protect their patrons' right to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and cigars, eat fatty foods and consume politically uncorrect delicacies from the boycott list--like swordfish, shunned by a growing number of restaurants because it has been chronically overfished.
Working as a prison officer has given Roy Oakley a politically uncorrect view on upbringing.