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The actor, who has appeared in several films and on TV, was Fr Todd Unctious in the Father Ted series and he also had parts in Braveheart, The Constant Gardener and 2002 film Bloody Sunday.
Armand manages, seeing an unctious cherubic oval materializing in the mirror.
Powerful aromas of blackberry and tar lead to unctious flavours of dark fruit, fresh herbs and cherry.
The label on Jacob's Creek Reserve Barossa shiraz 2008 describes this thick unctious wine as tasting of mulberry.
The rich and unctious Tesco Finest* Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc is down from pounds 7.
Tender, good quality chicken sat in a gloriously unctious cream and coconut sauce deftly spiced and enlivened with a decent whack of chilli.
It was also the fact the dear old Beeb were hawking their wares around our TV screens with not a slick, unctious Sky Sports bod in sight.
See how Arachne doth her Howres Pass In weaving Tincile on the verdent Grass Look how it glitters, now the sun doth Rise The Bane of Harmles sheep, and death of flyes And over it the slow and Unctious Snayl In winding knots doth draw a slimey Trayle.
Composers become their own audiences, their own support nets, their own unctious party hacks, and vicious opponents.