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a.1.(Her.) Waving or wavy; - applied to ordinaries, or division lines.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Generally, it was a brief Greek or Roman device, such as the Middle Ages knew so well how to formulate.-- Unde? Inde?--Homo homini monstrurn-Ast'ra, castra, nomen, numen.--Meya Bibklov, ueya xaxov.--Sapere aude.
Bratescu-Voinesti, care spunea: "intra fara frica acolo unde se canta".
Ca o prima concluzie intermediara putem spune ca sistemul politic modern transfera o parte din respectul cuvenit de jure religiei dominante certificata mai intai de Dumnezeu si apoi de istorie si completeaza diferentiat acolo unde minoritatile religioase nu reusesc sa obtina un statut de recunoastere prin forta de convingere a respectivei religii.
Our lucky winners will each receive a pair of stand tickets for both days which include all 14 Super League teams playing over two days, unde front of a pack Millennium Sta matches that w be a thrilling s league.
The father-of-one of one is unde rstood to have chosen to take his own life on July 28, after his body began to shut down at Stapleton House Care Home, Jarrow, South Tyneside, where he was being cared for.Mr Douglas passed away in a Dignitas clinic in Zurich and, soon after, a published notice of the death stated Mr Douglas died "peacefully and with dignity, following an illness courageously borne".
Mr Frederick Alipui, a founding member of the NGO, told a press conference in Ac cra that this had led to the sub-region's inability to implement the values unde r pinning the establishment of ECOWAS, thereby leading to the formation of other s u b-groupings and organisations among member states.
Unde the agreement, the buyer is also taking over a project for SEK4m.
Coronation Dom Joly and Street the Black Island (7.30pm) Kevin worries when Tyrone fails to turn up for work, David tries to undermine Tina's belief that Gail murdered Joe, and Carla is impressed by Nick's knowledge of Unde c rworld.
aims to show animals reared sheep and eggsalmon, have be during their live More than ha accredited unde have CCTV in "strongly recom RSPCA standa Avizienius, depu RSPCA's farm alf the abattoirs er the scheme nstalled as it is mmended" in the ards and John uty head of the animal science department, said he hoped every slaughterhouse would follow suit.
Emmer (7.00pm Will is des riding, but not to bot Meanwhile a horse rid Katie unde and Maisie his first rid matters ta rdale m) sperate to go horse t Natasha warns him ther Katie.
While attending a family reunion, 12-year-old Charlotte finds her unde's loaded gun and accidentally shoots and cripples her father.