under secretary

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un′der sec`retary

or un′der•sec`re•tar•y,

(often caps.) a government official who is subordinate to a principal secretary.
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Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Raymond Tam, Permanent Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Chang King-yiu, Permanent Secretary for the Environment Anissa Wong, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Wai Chi-sing, Permanent Secretary for Labour & Welfare Annie Tam, Central Policy Unit Head Shiu Sin-por, Under Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury Julia Leung, Under Secretary for Transport & HousingYau Shing-mu, Under Secretary for Security John Lee, and Under Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Lau Kong-wah will join Mrs Lam.
The auditor general, as the official solely responsible for internal audit within DoN, reports to the secretary and under secretary of the Navy.
These functions, along with other international programs such as attache affairs, international cooperative research and development, and foreign disclosure and technology transfer policy, were combined under the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs (SAF/ IA), a position that was first established in 1966.
Gaibler, Deputy Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services: International Dairy Foods Association and National Cheese Institute/American Butter Institute.
Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced President Bush's intention to designate Under Secretary of Education Gene Hickok to be acting deputy secretary of education and Ronald Tomalis to be acting assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education.
Under Secretary and Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, 1984-92
Oshkosh Truck recently participated in the Business Development Mission that Secretary Gutierrez and Department of Commerce Under Secretary Franklin Lavin led to Beijing and Shanghai in early November.
Subject: Newest Member in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)
Rename the Under Secretary for Global Affairs, the Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs.
com([R]), today announced that former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, Governor Mitt Romney, and Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes, will join the Web site's discussions in the coming weeks and months.
Greenwalt as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy effective April 16, 2006.