Under bare poles

(Naut.) having no sail set.

See also: Bare

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The gay little garden of the schoolmaster's bride was rather a forlorn place now, and the Lombardies and birches were under bare poles, as Captain Jim said.
We did better than that, sir," said the old sailor respectfully; "we put the helm up to run before the tempest; ten minutes after we struck our tops'ls and scudded under bare poles.
Then you must not pay us; we can scud, like the Pharaon, under bare poles.
We must have been caught nearly at the centre of this circular storm, and Wolf Larsen ran out of it and to the southward, first under a double-reefed jib, and finally under bare poles.
She was too deep to have run long under bare poles.
Sud denly her main-topsail went, yard and all, in a ter rific squall; she had to bear up under bare poles, and disappeared.