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tr.v. un·der·val·ued, un·der·val·u·ing, un·der·val·ues
1. To assign too low a value to; underestimate.
2. To have too little regard or esteem for.

un′der·val′u·a′tion n.
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Noun1.undervaluation - too low a value or price assigned to something
rating, valuation, evaluation - an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
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The taxpayer is alleged to be involved in under-valuation of its products, non-payment of further tax and illegal adjustment of sales tax on purchases that are irrelevant to its production and supplies.
It said the taxpayer was allegedly involved in under-valuation of its products, non-payment of further tax and illegal adjustment of sales tax on purchases that are irrelevant to its production and supplies.
Naqi, while discussing the role of WWF-Pakistan in water conservation pointed out that under-valuation of the resource among the masses as well as lack of governance in this regard has made matters worse.
Other factors that will be supportive of a constructive outlook are slow pace of rise in interest rates and under-valuation of UAE stocks, and the market is cheaper than when oil prices were 20 per cent lower.
The LCCI president said that smuggling was being done in a number of shapes like under invoicing, under-valuation of goods, misclassifications, falsification of documents, mis-declaration of country and short landing transit or re-export of goods.
"The industry is claiming that this can be a case of under-voicing or under-valuation of the consignment," the source added.
The analytics include a full market-trend analysis with histograms of features within the market; regression analysis for determining significant factors that contribute to value in the market; a ranking system that incorporates a Nearness factor, a Similarity factor and the appraiser's own expertise for analytically determining the best comparables; plus multiple value indicators to alert the appraiser if AVM systems or CU might consider their value opinion to be an over- or under-valuation. Redstone produces addendums for appraisal reports that can be generated within 15 minutes and cost $5 per analysis.
Wassim Nasrallah, Managing Director, Head of Middle East at Principal Global Investors, said, "Economic performance and US monetary policy may be expected to depress market valuations in the short term, but pockets of under-valuation will prevail in all markets.
Business Secretary Vince Cable had previously said to "judge him in three months" after criticism was levelled at the government's alleged huge under-valuation of the company, with the share price jumping from 260p-330p [the Government's valuation] each to more than 450p.
According to the department, the new move will help authorities check duty frauds and cases of under-valuation as well keep a record of gold jewellery and bullion being brought into the country.
Business Secretary Vince Cable had the audacity to blame his Labour rival Chuka Umanna for stoking the frenzy when he pointed out the scandalous under-valuation.