n.1.A garment worn below another.
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SUBTRIST A Push in stealthily B Roman under-garment C Somewhat sad who am I?
On Wednesday night when his beloved Blues line-up against Aston Villa in the Carling Cup, a thermal vest will replace Tait's celebrated t-shirt printed with the words "s*** on the Villa", as his big-match under-garment of choice.
Designed by former air hostess Rachel De Boer, 48, the 40-pound under-garment is worn at night to keep the boobs apart - smoothing unsightly skin creases.
When the temperature of the woman's body rises, the It may sound a bit far-fetched and as if it will never take off, but many other under-garment designs also provoked that reaction and have gone on to becoming groundbreaking inventions in the industry.
Her mistress, seeing that she could not remove it, took hold of the rough tow-linen under-garment and pulled it off over her head with a jerk, which took the skin with it, leaving her back all raw and sore.
It depicts Lewsey wearing the Nike Pro top, a new compression-fit under-garment which Lawrence Dallaglio claims makes you feel "powerful and confident as soon as you put it on".
When the pyre was ready, Polycarp took off all his clothes and loosened his under-garment.
But I've always thought that any under-garment that prevents the triple-decker bottom is always a good thing.
The new company demonstrated a prototype under-garment that senses heart rate and respiration at an international conference in Barcelona earlier this year.
G-strings Alarmingly, the dental floss-sized under-garment has been adopted as the underwear of choice by celebs everywhere.
In a week where we have seen the launch of Wonderbum tights - another tortuous under-garment which means women will now have to suffer the agony of blood clots in the bum cheeks to have the perfect butt - it strikes me there's still one rule for women and another for men.