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The Race to the Bottom is also at the roots of chronic or recurring regional and global economic crisis, which is traceable to a major contradiction: the global overproduction of goods created in low-cost production platforms or value chains organized by the transnational firms and the global underconsumption of the same goods and services because the mass purchasing power of the working people is eroded in an unequal labor market.
As the author Eric Solsten has pointed out, Germany seems not only to display an "export mystique" but a pattern of deliberate underconsumption that boosts its trade surpluses.
6m be repaid by Utilitywise after it discovered "levels of underconsumption in certain contracts.
The combination of a theory of core-periphery and a theory of underconsumption provides an explanation of the dependency relationships between the European economies and of the spillover effects of Eurozone crisis to the Western Balkans.
The visible hand of the state can be theoretically traced back to the contradiction inherent in capitalism between overproduction and underconsumption.
Beginning with Keynesian underconsumption theory, he points out that those who fret about a lack of consumption fail to recognize that shifts from consumption to investment results not in a decrease in total spending, but merely in a shift in spending.
Indeed, if there is overproduction, there is underconsumption therefore over-saving.
Baseline food intake as reported by two 24-hour food recalls consisted of a diet high in saturated fat and low in fiber, with a moderate intake of carbohydrates and underconsumption of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.
It suffers from underconsumption and excessive corporate saving.
In our research, overconsumption is the opposite of anticonsumption but is not an antonym of underconsumption, which focuses on aspects of poverty (Sheth et al.
Of these "shortfall" nutrients, calcium, vitamin D, fiber, and potassium, as well as iron in adolescent and premenopausal females, are classified as nutrients of public health concern because their underconsumption is linked to adverse health outcomes.
In addition to underconsumption, that is, too little for the poor, it is well-known that there is also overconsumption, that is, too much for the rich.