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n.1.The filling below or beneath; the under part of a building.
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Aside from illegal refilling, pilferage, underfilling, tampering, and conversion of cylinders, as well as the use of unbranded or defective and dilapidated LNG tanks, are also among the illegal trade practices being committed in the LPG industry.
According to the report, special equipment was installed, allowing underfilling of gasoline and diesel fuel, which was later sold on the side.
Intertronics frequently recommend eco-PEN dispensers for applications in electronics such as the application of precision dots, beads and dosed quantities for potting, underfilling, encapsulation, FIP gaskets or conformal coating.
(Regasco), of 'underfilling' and unauthorized refilling of Shellane, Petron Gasul and Totalgaz cylinders.
ACOUNTY Durham dairy has blamed "politically correct" milk bottles after it was slapped with a fine for underfilling cartons of milk.
A COUNTY Durham dairy has blamed "politically correct" milk containers after it was slapped with a fine for underfilling cartons of milk.
The category has therefore witnessed a trend towards underfilling, decreasing pack sizes and downgrading in terms of juice contents in recent years, with 2014 no exception to this general rule.
This means adverse fill level trends can be corrected before they become a problem, minimising costly overfilling or unlawful underfilling in order to comply with weighing legislation.
This provides a significant advantage to the underfill process, as restrictions on underfilling through the RF shield holes designed by the OEMs can be avoided.
New manufacturing techniques for underfilling package-on-package and chip scale packages in mobile devices will gain popularity in 2013.
While that is fine in general, we have noted if one uses that method and draws the coag tube first, there is a good chance of underfilling the tube due to the air in the tubing "using up" part of the vacuum in the evacuated tube.