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v. t. & i.1.To hang under or down; to suspend.
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Underhang ceilings, smooth ceilings plasterboard 270 m 2 ,
Underhang ceilings, HWL direct mounting, visible attached 310 m 2 ,
Unbelievably, he settled on a ledge, on an underhang beneath the cliff slope, only 6ft wide by 12ft long.
The undeniable truth that while women suffer the fleshy underhang they term bingo wings, I've acquired the male version of this beneath my chin - without precise colloquial terminology let's call it the pelican pocket.
Where bronzed Brazilian lovelies danced the samba, one camera caught a rhino-sized Englishman in a tan- coloured shirt as he reached beneath his great underhang of a belly and freed something unspeakable from where it had become entangled in a bush.
Dark colors are more likely to hold their color in places where the sun doesn't hit, like on an underhang.
To3 - new building: - scaffolding work - flat rate, partition gkf - f0 / 150 mm / 60 db - 55 m 2 , - partition gkbi - f0 / 125 mm / 53 db - 19 m 2 , - room system, independent, 3-sided + ceiling - f90 - 1 piece, - additional shell gkb / gkbi - f0 / 75 mm - 90 m 2 , - wall conveyor gkb, three-sided, handling 750-850 mm - 33 m, - underhang ceiling gk perforated with insulation layer - 720 m 2 , - underhang cover gkb smooth - 65 m 2 , - allowance for hole-free edge frieze - 490 m.
Ssk - swimming complex freiberger platz dresden / ba2: 1130sqm drywall plasterboard d 125-350mm; 1170sqm drywall cement building boards 135-650mm; 580sqm drywall underlayment plasterboard; 230sqm drywall acoustic underhang ceilings plasterboard perforated; 170sqm drywall ceilings cement boards; 290sqm drywall fire protection plasterboard; 1500sqm alulamellen-unterhangdecke; 30sqm acoustic hygiene glass wool blanket direct mount; 730qm acoustic clothing woodwool three-layer board d 50mm with uk; 250sqm trapezoidal sheeting panel with acoustic perforation; 45sqm aluminum cassette profile wall cladding with acoustic perforation;
A statistical burden exists for the manufacturing industry given that domestic production will have started the new year with a noticeable underhang.
Some of the meanest looking climbers were practising climbing along underhangs, holding on with their teeth.