n.1.A blockhead, or stupid person; a dunderhead.
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They were divided into two groups according to their initial underhead shot put throw performance: the Strength training group (n = 10) and the Power training group (n = 10).
Three different throwing performance tests were used with a 6 kg shot: a) backward overhead throw, b) squat underhead throw, and c) one arm standing throw (legs in parallel), as described in detail before (Judge et al.
O Kauffman says Celebrity chose to partner with boutique creative network Underhead versus a traditional agency.
The recorder's test software provides numeric and graphic data reports, including plots of the K factor, thread friction, and underhead friction.
As Tarwater states in The Violent Bear It Away, "I ain't worried what my underhead is doing" (CW, 436).
It is estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of the applied torque goes toward clamp load, with the remainder being used primarily to overcome bolt underhead and thread friction.
Yes, thosed underheads who continually abuse players (while hiding behind hoardings) are a pain in the game.