n.1.A blockhead, or stupid person; a dunderhead.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The author s previous work [13] examined parameter influence for the cleaning and welding step of the FEW process on outputs of process time, maximum torque, head height, underhead fill, and weld zone diameter for joining 1.5 mm 6061-T6 to 1.5 mm 1008CR steel.
The first step, penetration, heats the aluminum and forces it to flow upward toward the fastener head; this displaced material will form the underhead fill area.
Input torque ([M.sub.A]) is divided into three factors: thread torque ([M.sub.G]) and underhead torque ([M.sub.K]) and remaining torque is used to stretch the bolt shown in Figure 2.
Underhead coefficient of friction ([[micro].sub.K]):
Unfortunately, it is likely that Kenya, although hosting of the grand prix, will be unable to field a team because of the lack of a home built car.Urgent attempts are being made, however, to resurrect the doomed Nyayo Automobile project, this time powered by a Kenya-assembled version of the unreliable seven cylinder, side valve, underhead camshaft, triple turbo steam-powered unit pioneered by British engineers Rolls Canardly slogan, "Rolls down hills can hardly get up the other side.
Contact interactions have been set between all sliding surfaces, including the interfaces between the threads, bolt underhead surface and the upper part surface, and nut surface and the lower part surface.
They were divided into two groups according to their initial underhead shot put throw performance: the Strength training group (n = 10) and the Power training group (n = 10).
A vacation -- one of the most important decisions time-starved consumers make each year -- should not.O Kauffman says Celebrity chose to partner with boutique creative network Underhead versus a traditional agency.
The recorder's test software provides numeric and graphic data reports, including plots of the K factor, thread friction, and underhead friction.
As Tarwater states in The Violent Bear It Away, "I ain't worried what my underhead is doing" (CW, 436).
It is estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of the applied torque goes toward clamp load, with the remainder being used primarily to overcome bolt underhead and thread friction.
Yes, thosed underheads who continually abuse players (while hiding behind hoardings) are a pain in the game.