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n.1.One who is not a match for another.
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Aiming low: Estimating the scope and predictors of postsecondary undermatch.
The growing literature on undermatch suggests that enrolling in a college that is less selective than they are academically qualified to attend reduces students' chances of graduating.
The funding shortage, she said, was a matter of simple arithmetic: "Resources simply undermatch the needs .
The current federal and state focus on college readiness standards has limited value if large numbers of vulnerable students either fail to enroll in college or undermatch in their choices.
Clearly one has to learn about one's students - learn what is a good stretch, what is an overmatch, and what is an undermatch.
By fine tuning the match criteria using the known matches, these criteria can be set to be sure they do not overmatch (create false positives) or undermatch (create false negatives).
I will explore what we know about the crucial factors that shape a student's holistic review beyond the grades and standardized test scores used in most of the existing literature on undermatch.
Low-income, minority and first-generation students frequently undermatch, research shows, and in doing so, they often end up at institutions with less support and far lower graduation rates.
This research quantifies the extent of student-college academic undermatch among the 1992 and 2004 cohorts of graduating high school seniors and documents changes in the extent of academic undermatch over time.
Statistically, students who undermatch are less likely to obtain a bachelor's degree, and the likelihood of undermatching is far greater among low-income students than middle- or high-income students.