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n.1.One who is not a match for another.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I'm not smart enough for Honors " (23) As Yarrison suggests here, many students from nontraditional college-going groups undermatch, intentionally placing themselves in less challenging academic settings than their talents would allow them to navigate.
A recent paper illustrates the extent to which undermatching dims the prospects of already-disadvantaged students: Those who undermatch " who are predominantly low-income and students of colour " are less likely to graduate within four years, as well as within six years, than their peers who did not.
"The Full Extent of Academic Undermatch." Economics of Education Review, 32, 2013, 247-61.
Aiming low: Estimating the scope and predictors of postsecondary undermatch. The Journal of Higher Education, 86(2), 233-263.
Aiming low: Estimating the scope and predictors of postsecondary undermatch. Journal of Higher Education, 86(2), 233-263.
Second, free community college could lead students to "undermatch," which would lower their odds of completing a degree.
The funding shortage, she said, was a matter of simple arithmetic: "Resources simply undermatch the needs ...
Bowen says that the video application will capture more of a student's character than can be encapsulated in an essay or a test score--and is intended to reach out to two groups of students: the ones who "undermatch," ending up at community colleges or not going to college at all, and those whose high school transcripts do not reflect their talents.
Many researchers have shown that academically gifted students from lower-income families tend to "undermatch" when choosing colleges.
The current federal and state focus on college readiness standards has limited value if large numbers of vulnerable students either fail to enroll in college or undermatch in their choices.
Clearly one has to learn about one's students - learn what is a good stretch, what is an overmatch, and what is an undermatch. Problems of the sort discussed in this article were very helpful in giving us a fresh look at children's abilities.